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When it comes to skincare, what you put on your body matters. The story of Scrub Me Good has always had quality at the center. What started as a solution for cracked, red, über dry skin has blossomed into a business to help others enjoy the luxury of high-end products. 

Scrub Me Good at Rose & Loon

 We are honored to announce Scrub Me Good products are now available at Rose  & Loon, a retail store built to support the makers of Minnesota. The team behind Rose & Loon understands handmade products are more than just products, but the cumulation of dreams, commitment, and hard work. By providing a space for makers like us to share their stories, they celebrate all the women and men who pour passion into everything we sell. 

 In addition to fashion, beauty, and home goods vendors, we’ll be stocking all of your Scrub Me Good favorites: our custom formula handmade sugar scrub, whipped body butter, lip scrub, body oils, and other goodies just for our Rose & Loon guests! 

 We believe there’s nothing quite like experiencing the super-smooth feel of sugar scrubbed hands, and at our Rose & Loon store, you can touch, smell, and indulge in all things Scrub Me Good!

 Rose & Loon believes the smallest products can hold big stories, and the story of better-for-you skincare is exactly what guests will find with Scrub Me Good at Rose & Loon. Visit Rose & Loon to say hello, get a little scrub, and be a part of our story.