All Natural Soap



Beautiful natural soaps made with organic ingredients.  Pretty enough to display, but also meant to be used!

You’ll get great natural lather without drying out your skin.  Natural soaps are gentle enough to be used by those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Our soaps come in a white recycled box.

Oatmeal spice, Shea Honey Oat, and Peppermint contain particles that exfoliate.

Net Wt 4 OZ / 113 G

What do you mean by all natural soap?

Natural soap means a true soap made by saponifiying plant-based whole oils. Our soaps are made with only certified organic oils and do not contain surfactants. Our soaps contain no artificial ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, and where possible, only organically grown products. All our soaps are scented with essential oils only and colored with a variety of organic herbs and plant derived products.

Does your soap contain lye?

All soap is made using lye. Even transparent “glycerin” soap and “melt and pour” soaps are made using lye. “Making soap” by melting them and pouring into molds is actually just reshaping the soap.  In a properly produced soap, lye is a raw ingredient, but there is no lye that remains in the final product. All lye is consumed in the chemical reaction called saponification and becomes soap.  It is no longer lye. Any company that claims their soap is not made with lye is either promoting false information or doesn’t understand the chemistry behind soap, or they are selling something that is not a true soap as defined by the FDA (like a detergent).

Does your soap contain SLS?

No SLS (sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) and other surfactants are often added to soaps to increase lather quality or cut costs. They are commonly found in soaps and other bath and beauty bars. SLS and other surfactants dry out your skin and can sometimes cause irritation. Our soaps contain neither SLS nor any other surfactants. This is a high quality soap from organic oils that lathers naturally – no synthetics required! The ingredients in our soap are the proper mix for a wonderful, rich – and most importantly – completely natural lather. Our products contain no parabens.


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