Custom fragrance wholesale sugar scrubs are sold in quantities of 6 jars per fragrance.  Price shown is for 6 jars. Suggested retail price is $16 per jar.


Available Fragrances:

Cucumber Green Tea

Patchouli Cedar


Carribbean Coconut


Pink Grapefruit

Vanilla Butter

Exotic Musk

Spring Lilac

Sandalwood (requires 1 month lead time)

Honeysuckle (requires 1 month lead time)

Lily of the Valley (requires 1 month lead time)


Looking for something else?  E-mail us at


TO USE:  All products are safe for daily use as well as sensitive skin. Give it a stir with the cute little spoon we send, apply to wet skin in the shower, scrub until the sugar dissolves, and rinse. Or use on dry skin for extra exfoliation. Be sure to rinse well. If you have a few extra minutes go for the air dry and let those oils really soak in!


This scrub is oil based, so be careful in the shower. Surfaces may get slippery after use. If you experience any skin redness or irritation please discontinue use.  Or don't scrub so hard.  


We don't use preservatives in our scrubs so you should avoid getting water in the package. The scrub will stay nice and fresh for weeks as long as you keep water out. Be sure to use  the spoon to scoop it out so you can keep your wet fingers out of the package.

Custom Fragrances

  • white sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, all natural fragrance, vitamin e oil

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