Our Philosophy

Quality Plain and Simple

We believe that the products you put on your skin should be as simple and natural as possible.  Your skin absorbs everything that you put on it.  We carefully select carrier oils that moisturize and address other skins issues naturally and without synthetic ingredients.  Our products are fragranced only with essential oils or all natural fragrance oils.


Simply natural skincare. 

Our Process

Our sugar scrubs are handmade in small batches.  Did you picture mom in an apron throwing in a little of this, a little of that, mixing up sugar scrub and filling some jars?  It's like that...in no way. Well, I suppose it's a little like that but it's far more detailed that most imagine.  


It's a little creativity, a lot of science and actually pretty darn precise.  Precision scales, gloves, meticulous records and complex formulation calculations and researching and sourcing the best quality ingredients to ensure that every batch is perfect and precise.  There's no "a little of this, a little of that" about it!  

Product Testing

We don't test our finished product on animals.  Only ourselves.

Discover the Difference Nature Makes

We use only natural ingredients in our products.  Pure sugar, natural oils, and scented only with pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils.  











Our Story

Many people struggle with hypersensitive skin in the form of eczema, dermatitis, and allergic reactions. As I got older I seemed to break out more often with skin rashes. Chalking it up to dry winter skin, I would cover myself in various lotions, creams and oils to try to alleviate the flaky, itchy skin. No product I used worked long term. Some would give temporary relief, only to stop working within a few days.  Often it would make the problem worse.


In a desperate attempt to stop the dry itch I made a trip to Target to pick up a bottle of baby oil. It's for babies, right? It must be one of the most gentle products out there. I had read suggestions to take a shower and put it on wet skin to seal in moisture. It was worth a shot because I was so dry and itchy and damaged that the skin was cracked in some places. So, baby oil to the rescue.

Wow. Bad idea. The next morning I woke up not just dry and itchy, but now red with skin on fire. A trip to the doctor indicated an allergic reaction to baby oil and she advised Benadryl.  She also suggested that my dry itchy skin was actually autoimmune in nature, or an allergic reaction, and recommended seasonal allergy medication year round to calm my skin issues long term. While I am certainly willing take medication when needed, the prospect of a pill every day just to not itch was not appealing. I wanted to get to the root cause of the problem to find my relief. I want to avoid causing the rash in the first place.

Shortly after the baby oil incident I purchased an uber-expensive lip scrub (dry lips too) at a high end beauty retailer. Within a day of using it my lips were red, swollen, flakier than ever, and on fire. I ended up with bleeding scabs. Yeah, not a pretty picture.

I did a bit of research regarding what might be the cause of my skin reactions. I found that there are many causes of irritated skin or allergic reactions and often the culprit is mineral oil. It turns out that both products I used contained mineral oil. And there it was, the cause of my skin issues became more clear. Most of the products I was using to try to calm the itch were actually making it worse.

Before I put anything on my skin now, I read the label and look for mineral oil as well as the many other names it is known by including petroleum, petrolatum, paraffin, white oil, albolene, petroleum hydrocarbons, and white oil. There are many things that can cause skin rashes in the products we use including fragrances (yep, essential oils included), colors, preservatives, oils, and botanicals. No two people have exactly the same skin and an ingredient that causes issues for one person might be the greatest thing ever for another. For many people mineral oil causes no issues at all and is a great moisturizer. It's recommended by the American Association of Dermatology. But for me, mineral oil causes a severe rash.

I found that by eliminating mineral oil and replacing all commercially prepared lotions and creams with my own oil blends including coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil my skin is clear, free from rashes, and moisturized.

I am not a doctor and I'm only sharing my personal experience with a skin sensitivity. If you struggle with a skin sensitivity that you can't resolve I encourage you to seek the advise of a physician. And...find a physician who will help you get to the root of the problem rather than handing you a pill.

I wanted to share with others some of the solutions I found, so Scrub Me Good was born.  

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