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Sugar Scrub Answers

Clean Skincare – Frequently Asked Questions

We’re confident you’ll never have to question the integrity of our product or the ingredients it’s made of. But, we know new and different beauty products can leave you with questions – and we have answers.
How often can I use sugar scrub?
We recommend 2-3 times per week, but our scrubs are gentle enough to use daily if you’d like.
Can I use sugar scrub on my face?

Scrub Me Good sugar scrubs are meant for use on the body. Stick to more gentle exfoliants on your face.

How long will my jar of scrub last?
That depends on how often you use it and how much you use!
Why doesn't sugar scrub need a preservative?
Because our products are oil-based and contain no water, a preservative is not needed. Keep water out of the package to maintain its freshness. Put it up on a shelf out of the water spray in the shower and use a utensil to scoop it. Unopened, our scrubs have a one-year shelf life, but once opened it should be used within a week or two.
Why does the label say to use within 3 months of purchase?
We recommend this so you have the freshest product possible.
How do I use sugar scrub?
You can use our all-natural sugar scrub on wet or dry skin. The drier your skin is when you apply it, the more it will exfoliate. I personally like to use it on dry skin. I get in the shower before I turn the water on, scrub my whole body with the sugar scrub, then rinse it off. You can also use it on damp skin but I recommend you step out of the stream of the water or shut the water off so you don’t wash away the sugar scrub before it does its exfoliating magic.
Should I apply it with a loofah, washcloth, etc.?
Our sugar scrub works best when you use your bare hands. You are less likely to lose product trapped in the fibers and by using your hands you will cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize them too!
My sugar scrub is hard and crumbly. What happened?
Nothing; your product is perfectly fine! Our scrubs contain coconut oil that solidifies at a temperature of 74 degrees and your product probably dropped below about 70-74 degrees. If your product seems hard or crumbly, warm it up slightly by popping it in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix it well, or place it tightly covered under warm running water in your sink or shower for a minute or two.
Can a diabetic use sugar scrub?
It’s not likely that a significant amount of sugar is absorbed through the skin, however, you should discuss your concerns with a medical professional.
Do I need to use soap in addition to sugar scrub?
Our sugar scrub cleanses as it exfoliates so there’s no need to use soap. Your personal preference will dictate this, but if you want to use soap I suggest using it before you use the sugar scrub so you don’t wash away all the skin-softening oils.
Why is it important to exfoliate?
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and speeds cell turnover. It prevents ingrown hairs in skin that is waxed or shaved as well as makes hair removal easier and less painful.
Can I use it to shave with?
Yes! After using our sugar scrub you will have some oil left behind that will make for a nice smooth shave!
Will the sugar scrub clog the drain?
We have used our sugar scrubs nearly every single day for a year and have never had clogged drains. The sugar dissolves and the oils are dispersed by the normal household use of warm water. Our brown sugar coffee scrub does contain real coffee which does not dissolve as sugar does. We cannot make any guarantees regarding anyone’s plumbing so consult a plumbing professional if you have concerns. However, we believe using a garbage disposal or flushing food waste down the toilet is much more likely to clog your drains than our scrubs are.